Why did I get an error saying "Unable to show all beers on this page?"

The default number of beers per page is 10. If your first 10 beers have a lot of container sizes or details, you'll see this error on your TV. 

We've done everything we can to shorten beer and brewery names. For example we remove "Co." or "Company" from brewer names. However, we have some other ideas to slim down your beer list and make the most of your screen space.

1. Reduce the number of beers per page. 

If you're set on having a certain number of beers on each screen. There's still hope! 

2. Try unchecking some of the beer details

All that beer data takes up a lot of space! Chose your details wisely and you could save yourself a whole line below each beer.

3. Reduce or remove container sizes

The height of each beer displayed on your TV is determined by the tallest item on your menu. The more containers you add to any beer on your list will add to the amount of space each beer uses on the screen. 

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