Optimizing your Digital Board Resolution & Display Settings

If all of your beers don’t fit right away, don’t worry!

Use the customization options to adjust the layout, show (or hide) beer details and tweak your setup for an awesome display on your TV. Remember - this menu will never look correct on your computer screen, as it is designed for output to a TV. 

If your menu looks off-center or pixelated on the TV screen, try adjusting your display settings or increase the resolution to better fit your TV. 

Important note about multiple menus: Individual menus will be condensed into one main menu. All beers and containers will remain intact, however, section titles will not be visible. Optimize your Menu for your TV

Display Settings

Click on the bottom right-hand corner of the desktop and choose Settings.


Look for the Device category and click on Display settings.


Under the Manage displays screen that pops-up, check the TV alignment option and click on Adjust


On the next screen that appears, use the arrow keys on keyboard to adjust the alignment settings.


Put the mouse in right-bottom corner of the desktop and click, then click Settings.

Select Display settings.



Select Resolution settings



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